Purple Fever - From Zero to Go Pro Video Hero

The season has been slow . Pilikia and the entire fleet of harpoon boats have been "without." High boat for the season up to now just broke into double digits.

My last entry somehow vanished from the screen, so I'll leave you with actual raw footage of our first fish of the year. I promised to place the reader within the moment and the camera speaks for itself. A few boats within the fleet had yet to catch a fish , much less see one. It was our mission to not let the Pilikia be the last. Some harpooners get real nervous when a camera's rolling the tape behind their back. When my good frien Marc Muller showed up with a Go Pro hero camera/video I was stolked. Then he showed me the head cam setup I was to wear while on the plank. Pressure was on. Needless to say , we spotted one and our "zero" for the season was well documented with the Go Pro hero. I promised to place all of you within the moment. This is what some of us call "Purple Fever."

More to come soon,

Captain Sean


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