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December 09, 2010
The month of Nov. had the best days of the year for the harpoon swordfish fleet.

The month of November arrived with a stretch of some of the nicest consecutive days of the year. With a local sportfishing season having one of the worst showings of the usual exotic species normally seen this time of year , the harpoon fleet had some hope left. A few boats, Gold Coast, Leslie Ann, Chula, Patricia J and a handful more put together some good days with a few few fish on the deck. Local restaurants were finally getting their fair share of fresh locally caught harpooned swordfish. Word began to spread amongst any spotter pilot still interested . A couple of  days saw the fleet get bunched up off La Jolla Canyon.The Pilikia was surprised to find an early finner  just three miles from Pt. Loma, right behind the Chula and in its wake. We later wondered which golf  club to choose from, as we began to come into what looked like the Chula's very own "black flagged" private front nine of an ocean golf course. Not far from there a few others completed the rest of the back nine.

Here are few photos to go along with those same days .


More to come soon,


Capt. Sean 

October 21, 2010
August 24, 2010
The season has been slow . Pilikia and the entire fleet of harpoon boats have been "without." High boat for the season up to now just broke into double digits.
August 10, 2010
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