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"The Bluewater Grill is one of the finest dining experiences I’ve had in a very long time."



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Bluewater Grill operates it’s own commercial fishing boat, the Pilikia. The Pilikia, which means “trouble” in Hawaiian, has been the #1 harpoon swordfishing boat on the west coast for many years. She was custom built in Hoquiam, Washington and will be supplying our Bluewater Grill Restaurants with direct access to the freshest swordfish for the summer season. Captain Sean and the Pilikia will ply the local waters off Catalina and the Channel Islands looking to harpoon “The Gladiator Fish.” Selectively harvesting mature fish and processing them only minutes later, the fish is quick cooled in “on board” refrigerators and rushed to the restaurants that same day. Bluewater Grill’s Pilikia gives “real” meaning to “from our boat to your plate”. The freshness, quality and flavor are as good as it gets. Come in and taste the difference!

Please visit Captain Sean’s blog for up to date Southern California fishing news and to follow his Swordfishing season.

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