Commitment to our Environment

Bluewater Grill is committed to being on the forefront of environmentally responsible behaviour. It is easy to "claim" you are a "green" operation, it's even fashionable but here is a list of what we are doing!

Here is a small list of the things we are doing to do our part to help make a difference in preserving our valuable natural resources:

1. Elimination of Mesquite Charcoal Broilers in our restaurants in 2008. This eliminated the burning of over 100,000 pounds of mesquite charcoal every year. We replaced these with clean burning natural gas broilers. Mesquite charcoal will be missed as it added a nice flavor but we compensated by changing the flavor rub we use on our grilled fish.

2. Comprehensive Recycling program in place for paper, cardboard, glass, lightbulbs, toner and printer cartridges, paint, computer equipment and grease (bio-diesel).

3. A menu commitment to fish caught or farmed in the most state of the art and sustainable manner. This landscape is constantly changing and by working primarily with Santa Monica Seafood, with a Marine Biologist on staff and by being the only federally inspected facility in Southern California, we insure ourselves on being on the cutting edge of environmentally aware purchasing.

4. A commitment to using only the most environmentally sensitive to-go packaging and elimination of styrofoam in 2008.

5. Using recycled paper for all of our menus.

6. Installation of water saving equipment like a recycled water pre-rinse for our dirty dishes, a mechanical defroster, serving water on request only and minimizing floor mats that need excessive rinsing daily.

7. Waste consciousness and training of our staff -- reducing use of bread, water, ice, turning off lights and a/c, condiments, cleaning supplies, towels, linens. Use only what is needed, be aware of our limited resources.

We welcome any feedback you may have to help us improve our operation!

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