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Bluewater's Jimmy Ulcickas Profiled on Cover of July SeaFood Business Magazine

Co-founder of popular California and Arizona restaurant chain is singled out for hospitality and seafood sustainability leadership

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. (July 1, 2012) – The industry accolades continue for Bluewater Grill co-founder Jimmy Ulcickas. Months after being invited to share his marine stewardship best practices with other restaurateurs during the International Boston Seafood Show in March, the Orange County resident is being profiled on the cover of the July 2012 issue of SeaFood Business as one of the nation’s most prolific seafood sustainability experts.

The prolific restaurant owner and operator, who opened the first Bluewater Grill in Newport Beach’s Cannery Village in 1996, is part of the magazine’s annual "The Buyer’s Turn," which shines a light on especially innovative retail and restaurant seafood buyers. Joining him on the cover is Tracy Taylor, lead seafood-procurement specialist for Ahold USA, the parent company of Stop & Shop, Giant and Peapod supermarket chains.

Ulcickas was selected based on his leadership in seafood sustainability, specifically his work to achieve total-menu sustainability compliance by mid-2012, and his pioneering management philosophy which includes twice-daily printed menus and monthly seafood tasting events at each restaurant designed to educate customers about the latest seafood trends, serving suggestions and practices.

Ulcickas was cited by SeaFood Business as a mainstream independent restaurateur who is leading the industry by featuring sustainable menu choices and serving only products from certified fisheries or farms within the context of a moderately priced seafood restaurant operation.

To see the story, go to the Seafood Business website.



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