Bluewater offers new Kids and Healthy Dining Menu to stress healthier, sustainable options

The leading California and Arizona restaurant operator teams with National Restaurant Association’s Kids LiveWell and HealthyDining to give consumers healthier dining options

Newport Beach, Calif. (Nov. 9, 2012)

Bluewater Grill, the pioneering California and Arizona seafood restaurant operator known for its industry-leading commitment to the freshest sustainable seafood, has launched a new kid’s menu and healthy dining options menu designed to make it easier for seafood fans of all ages to make healthier, more responsible meal choices.

Part of the restaurant’s long-term commitment to sustainability and healthy eating, the two new menus are available at Bluewater Grill locations in Newport Beach, Tustin and Redondo Beach, California, and in Phoenix, Arizona.

The Bluewater Gill Kids LiveWell Menu was developed in partnership with the National Restaurant Association’s Kids LiveWell program and offers the next generation of restaurant customers a healthier alternative to fried fish sticks, pizza and other standard, high-fat, high-calorie kid’s menu fare. Menu highlights range from bow-tie and linguini pasta, garden salads, fresh vegetables and edamame to grilled dipping sticks made of white fish, shrimp, salmon, chicken and lean steak.

Part of the dietician-approved HealthyDining® program, the Bluewater Grill Healthy Dining menu highlights the more than 80% of the restaurant’s lunch and dinner items deemed a Healthy Dining choice and listed on These dishes are reviewed by a panel of registered dieticians to emphasize lean protein, fruits, vegetables, while grains and unsaturated fats, and meet strict calorie and fat criteria.

“Our goal is to show seafood fans that healthy, sustainable menu choices can taste good, too,” explained Bluewater Grill co-founder Jimmy Ulcickas. “Bluewater Grill is honored to work with HealthyDining and Kids LiveWell to encourage healthier, more responsible long-term eating habits.”

The two new menus are part of Bluewater Grill’s larger sustainability mission, which is to have 100 percent of its menu certified by the Aquarium of the Pacific Seafood for the Future program; be designated a “Best Choice” or “Good Alternative” by the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch program; or adhere to strict Marine Stewardship Council best-practice standards for sustainable harvesting.

To date, more than 90 percent of Bluewater Grill’s seafood offerings are sustainably caught or farmed – among the highest of any seafood restaurant in California. The restaurant is also one of the first to apply a full-disclosure menu philosophy and publish a Fish Origins Chart showing the specific farmed or wild source of every item on the menu.

All items on the two menus are sustainably caught or farmed, whenever possible. Bluewater Grill cooks without trans-fat and uses recycled paper for menus and to-go packaging, and all kid’s menu dishes are served with carrot sticks, fruit and choice of fruit juice or low-fat milk.

Parents whose children prefer items fried can take advantage of the restaurant’s panko process which uses a Japanese breadcrumb that absorbs a minimum of cooking oil.

In 2011, Bluewater Grill entered into a sustainability and promotional partnership with the Aquarium of the Pacific. Customers who ordered a sustainably caught seafood or shellfish item received a free Aquarium of the Pacific adult admission ticket, valued at $24.95. Bluewater Grill also donated a percentage of the proceeds from the sale of each sustainably harvested item to the Aquarium’s nonprofit Seafood for the Future sustainability program.

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