Supporting Our Troops

Coronado’s Bluewater Boathouse & Grill has just sent a signal from the restaurant to our local military to express support for our troops both here and abroad.

by Joe Ditler for Coronado Eagle & Journal

Traditional maritime signal flags now reach from all compass corners of the historic Boathouse roof, high up to the cupola tower, whipping in the prevailing breeze, and broadcasting a message for those able to read the age-old language of signals.

Two of the flag chains read: “God bless our troops” and “Navy a global force for good.” The other flag chains read: “Bluewater Boathouse” and “Eat fish be healthy.”

“Many of the owners, managers and staff at the Bluewater family of restaurants are veterans or have military history throughout their families,” said Jimmy Ulcickus, co-owner of the Bluewater franchise. “We always support our troops, and the flags are just to let them know how very much we appreciate their sacrifice.”

Since November 1, Coronado’s Bluewater Boathouse has been offering a 10% discount on all menu items for active duty military with Military ID or in uniform.

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