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    A Note About Our Service Policy
    Bluewater Grill has been in business 24 years and we pride ourselves on our customer service, diverse staff and commitment to a safe environment free of racism or harassment. We do not condone prejudice or racism in any form, and will exercise our right to deny service to any guest who compromises this policy, endangers other guests and/or makes them feel unsafe. While this has always been the Bluewater way, we think it bears repeating during this time. Thank you for your business.

Glowing review for Temecula

Check out our glowing review from The Press Enterprise! We might not be waterfront, but we can still bring the freshest seafood experience to our diners.
In my experience, crab cakes can be more bread crumbs than crab meat,
and heavy on grease, but not these. Tender and tasty crab was packed inside
a crisp crust, and the sauces added a nice zest and spicy kick.

- Stephanie Schulte, The Press Enterprise


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