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Bluewater Honors Shellfish Fans on Crab, Oyster, Shrimp and Lobster Holidays

Bluewaters in California and Phoenix offer special prices on Maryland Style Crab Cakes, Oysters on the Half Shell, Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail and Lobster Roll

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif.  (Feb. 19, 2020) – Bluewater Grill restaurants have a shell of a deal for crab, oysters on the half shell, shrimp and lobster lovers in March, May and June.

The holiday deals for shellfish lovers are being offered at Bluewater Grill restaurants in Newport Beach, Redondo Beach, Temecula, Santa Barbara, Carlsbad and Phoenix; Bluewater Boathouse Seafood Grill in Coronado; and at Bluewater Avalon on Catalina Island. The promos are not available at El Galleon or Toyon Grill by Bluewater on Catalina Island.

On National Crab Day on March 9, Bluewater’s Maryland Style Crab Cakes, served with Remoulade, scallion oil and micro greens, are just $9.95, representing a $5.55 savings off the $15.50 price.

Three weeks later on March 31, oyster fans have their own reason to celebrate with National Oysters on the Half Shell Day. Bluewater chefs will shuck and serve a half-dozen oysters for just $12, $5 off the everyday $17 price. The offer will be repeated on Aug. 5th National Oyster Day.

On May 10th National Shrimp Day, customers can enjoy Bluewater’s popular Jumbo Prawn Cocktail, featuring plump broiled prawns served with homemade cocktail sauce and relish, for just $10, a $5.50 savings off the regular $15.50 price.

Then on National Lobster Day on June 15, Bluewater honors its New England roots by celebrating the Lobster Roll, the iconic Maine delicacy consisting of fresh-made lobster salad consisting of chunks of Maine lobster meat, light mayonnaise, chopped celery and finely diced onion stuffed in a butter-grilled “East Coast-style” brioche bun. The sandwich has become a Bluewater menu staple. 

For the June 15 holiday, chefs at the eight Bluewater restaurants will serve a steaming Bluewater Lobster Roll for just $20, a $4 savings. Seafood fans can add a cup of housemade New England or Manhattan Clam Chowder for just $4, saving another $2.75.

According to Bluewater co-founder and co-owner Jimmy Ulcickas, himself a New England native, the “key” in addition to the Maine Lobster are the “pull-apart” hot dog-style buns indigenous to New England with a slit on the top and flat sides that can be grilled golden brown           

            “We modeled our version after the classic recipe served by my mother, and it has really taken off with our regulars to become the most popular item on our menu.  We’re seeing generations of New England transplants eager for a reminder of home as well as travelers to Maine, Massachusetts and the region who want to experience the delicacy on the West Coast.”

The Lobster Roll dates back to at least 1929 when it appeared on the menu of Perry’s, a restaurant in Milford, Conn. Other versions showed up at The Lobster Roll restaurant, and elsewhere on New York’s Long Island in the 1960s, and at roadside stands throughout Maine in the 1970s. Since then, the delicacy has been most closely associated with Maine but available throughout New England and in the Maritime provinces in Canada, particularly Nova Scotia.

Added Ulcickas: “Did you know that the lobster was once considered peasant food? In the 1800s, the crustacean was plentiful and New Englanders could simply walk down the beach and capture them at low tide. Many servants lived off lobster during this time. In fact, one Massachusetts community had to pass a law that limited how often you could serve lobster to your servants – just three times a week!  Times have changed and lobster is now a delicacy!”

In addition to June 15, all Bluewater Grill, Bluewater Boathouse and Bluewater Avalon restaurants will celebrate a second National Lobster Day on Sept. 25. Believing that you can never have too many days that honor sustainably seafood and shellfish, Bluewater is extending its special Lobster Roll offer on both days.

For menus, locations and operating hours for the ten unique Bluewater restaurants in California and Arizona, go to www.bluewatergrill.com.
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