The votes are in and from food critics to reader's polls, Bluewater Grill is consistently named the best seafood restaurant in Southern California. In the casual, seafood segment we consistently beat out the competition!


    • Kudos

      Unscripted and unsolicited kudos from customers

      Thank you Chanel and your staff for a beautiful Welcome dinner event you provided to our guests and wedding couple last week! ❤️

      We received so many compliments from all our family and friends that attended.

      What a perfect evening to start of the wedding festivities....

      The wedding day was magical and the weather was toasty!! No fog appeared during our stay in beautiful Santa Barbara! ✨

      We will definitely be back to BlueWater Grill very soon and hope to see you and your awesome staff!!

      Best to you and stay well,
      Dear Chris,

      I just felt it was extremely necessary to contact you regarding your restaurant in The District.  I have never been to that particular area and certainly not to the restaurant but was invited to attend an event there last night. (11/4/10).  Other than being overwhelmed by the size of the parking lot I have to tell you that is was a wonderful experience!!  Your wait staff was completely beyond compare and the food was outstanding!  I was with a large party yet my drink never was empty nor did I have to worry with used dishes in front of me!  I never heard the waitress' name but I can tell you this, she is a HUGE asset to you!!

      I will most definitely be back and bring friends!  Thank you for providing such lovely evening for us all!! 



      My family and I celebrated my mother's birthday at your Tustin restaurant on Saturday, March 13, 2010, and we want to extend our gratitude to each of the employees who contributed to our fulfilling experience. Most importantly, we fully appreciate the attentiveness, generosity, and humor of our server, Janice. Her constant presence uplifted us and gave us joy, for her personable personality allowed her to understand our running jokes, and she even added her own, which integrated seamlessly. It is an honor to be surrounded by considerate employees whenever one goes out, and the Bluewater Grill has such a topnotch group. Thank you for an enjoyable time.

      Peace and blessings


      I wanted to thank you and your staff again for a great new experience for my husband and I. Today was my birthday and my husband wanted to take me out to a nice seafood restaurant. The Bluewater Grill had amazing reviews and were on so many great dining lists that even though my husband doesn't typically eat seafood - he thought let's try something new.

      It's been such a long time to have the kind of experience that we had in your restaurant - to us - it is not enough for a restaurant to have great food - it means the world to us how friendly everyone was - the hostess, Allison, yourself and of course our server Rodrigo... We loved him...he answered all our questions...offered great husband loved the swordfish...that would a first... We were impressed by the GREAT ATTITUDES...we felt like everyone was happy to serve...We felt the food was AMAZING!

      Also just the whole enviroment - kid friendly, lounge area by the restrooms, a buzz or energy in the air...I almost felt like I was at a friend's house...I totally look forward to dining at your establishment in the future. THANKS AGAIN!

      Had a great dinner at Newport last night. Swordfish special was awesome. Just bought a 17 Whaler, so we used the dock. Nikki was our waitress and did a super job. Really, everything was perfect, pats on the back all around.

      PS – before I fell into this fishing gig – I spent 30 years in foodservice; restaurants, contract catering and airline. I would tell you if it wasn’t up to par, because I think you would want to know.

      Also, thank you for the Gift Certificates for the Masters.

      John Willis, Manager, Balboa Angling Club

      The new Bluewater Grill in Phoenix is absolutely outstanding – from its warm, inviting exterior (including its re-designed terrace), to its convivial indoor ambience, to its extraordinary menu and food preparation. Gracious, individual attention is customary from the entire staff, including the manager and head chef. Absolutely no detail is missed, from special procedures to eliminate all fish odors, to the rice side-dish blended of five rice grains specially gotten from Minnesota and mixed with shaved nuts and dried cranberries in a chilled medley not to be found elsewhere except the other Bluewater Grills in California, to the premium quality of fish and crustaceans perfectly prepared. This is the very first time I’ve been personally motivated to write a review – because I can’t resist. The Bluewater Grill is one of the finest dining experiences I’ve had in a very long time. Kudos to the new owners"

      John in Tempe, AZ

      We were longtime customers of the Fish Market (and Victoria's Station before that). Last night we had dinner at the most recent incarnation - The Blue Water Grill. The service was as excellent as the food. The restaurant was familiar but better. Well done.

      Jim, Phoenix

      Dear Jim

      just wanted to thank you for a wonderful evening,everything was so perfect the table the FOOD,everything!you made our night very special for Elliott & Kayla.

      everyone loved the food and the service was great, loved our waitress.wished I could have met you so i could have thanked you in was just a fabulous evening!

      Thank you again,


      We have been to your restaurant on two separate occasions over the last couple of months and wanted to make a few comments.  As always the food was wonderful!  On both occasions our server was Janice and I have to tell you she did a FABULOUS job!!  Myself along with one other person in my party (which was my birthday) were servers or restaurant managers for 20 years.  I would have to say that both of our visits we had the BEST service that we have ever received.   She was very attentive, personable and most of all had a wonderful attitude and seemed like she thoroughly enjoys her job.  I am sure we will be making another visit to your restaurant soon and we will definitely request her section if she is working.


      Cheryl, Project Coordinator


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