Being fishermen at heart, we want to ensure the future availability of seafood and make responsible seafood purchasing a core value of our operation. Our fish are always the most pristine quality available as we purchase directly from fisherman, in season, at the peak of quality and freshness. 


We have our own boat called Pilikia plying the waters off Catalina. Come in during the season and try the best swordfish you can get anywhere... guaranteed! Harpooned swordfish is better because it is caught on day boats, it is a 100% sustainable method of fishing and there is no by-catch like there is with nets or long lines.

We operate our own commercial fishing boat, the Pilikia. The Pilikia, which means “trouble” in Hawaiian, has been the #1 harpoon swordfishing boat on the west coast for many years. She was custom built in Hoquiam, Washington and will be supplying our Bluewater Grill Restaurants with direct access to the freshest swordfish for the summer season. The Pilikia will ply the local waters off Catalina and the Channel Islands looking to harpoon “The Gladiator Fish.” Selectively harvesting mature fish and processing them only minutes later, the fish is quick cooled in “on board” refrigerators and rushed to the restaurants that same day. Bluewater Grill’s Pilikia gives “real” meaning to “from our boat to your plate”. The freshness, quality and flavor are as good as it gets. Come in and taste the difference!

Fish Purchasing Policy
At Bluewater our ultimate goal is to use only fish as selected by the Monterey Bay Aquarium (MBA) Seafood Watch Program as Best Choices or Good Alternatives or approved by other certifying organizations. Currently, the fish we purchase is selected in order to fit criteria of sustainability, environmental impact and ethical/best aquaculture practices (BAP) and harvest guidelines. Industry is rapidly moving towards achieving certification to gain approval for fisheries and farming operations to meet environmental standards for well-managed and sustainable fisheries with Seafood Watch and other organizations. As a result, Bluewater Grill is working closely with its vendors to meet 100% of its objectives. In addition, Bluewater Grill is participating in the Aquarium of the Pacific's “Seafood for the Future” (SFF) Program which acts in an advisory capacity to help us achieve our sustainability goals.

Implementation Criteria

  • To source fish from sustainable fisheries,  predominately from those recognized by science based certification and advisory programs such as Monterrey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch, the Safina Center and Seafood for the Future.  
  • To aim for all our seafood to be from sources approved by MSC/MBA/SFF
  • To purchase aquacultured (farm raised) seafood from the best quality, "Best Aquaculture Practices" certified operations.

Our Responsibility

Our suppliers are selected on the grounds that they have a sustainable approach to purchasing from fishermen whose fish must come from fisheries using environmentally responsible harvesting methods. We choose species that we are confident are sustainable in the area from which they are harvested.

When available, we feature Deep Buoy fish – an alternative way to catch swordfish with less bycatch than traditional methods. This innovative approach is far less destructive to whales, sea turtles and other marine life. Learn more about this by clicking here, or watch the video below.
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