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Bluewater's Small Batch Rum

Catalina Rum Company

We're excited to announce Bluewater Grill's exclusive new rum, Catalina Rum Company. Purchase by the bottle or in boxed sets.

Jim Ulcickas, Co-Founder and Proprietor, holding two bottles of Bluewater's new Catalina Rum Company Light and Dark Rums.

Catalina Rum Company produces a Caribbean rum made with molasses, exclusively bottled for Bluewater Grill by the award-winning R6 Distillery in El Segundo, California. As a tribute to Catalina Island's rum-running history, the rum labels feature harbor scenes of boats and seaplanes used to smuggle rum off the island, inspired by vintage posters. The colorful skies on the labels reflect the type of rum.

High Spot 289 Blonde Logo

Amid the Sunny Skies - Light Rum

Clandestine tales unfold in hidden coves and bays, where smugglers once navigated rugged shores. Our white rum evokes the adventures and flights over sparkling seas. Savor neat, over ice, or as the soul of your favorite concoctions.

White Rum 750ml bottle – $24.5 

High Spot 152 Amber Logo

Amid the Dusky Skies - Dark Rum

Our dark rum embodies the intrigue of nighttime voyage amid the dusky skies and flying fish over the shimmering sea.

Aged 3 years 
Dark Rum 750ml bottle – $34.5  

Gift Sets

Take home a gift box set that includes a bottle of White Rum, a bottle of Dark Rum, and two of our Bluewater Grill nautical themed enamel mugs. Printed on the back of each mug is our very own Classic Mai Tai recipe created by Vic Bergeron of the famous Trader Vic’s, so you can start mixing with your Catalina Rums right away! Available for purchase at El Galleon on Catalina Island and all Bluewater Grill locations.

White & Dark Rum (2 x 750ml bottles) – $55 
White & Dark Rum (2 x 750ml bottles) + 2 Bluewater Grill Classic Mai Tai Mugs – $70 
Bluewater Grill Classic Mai Tai Mugs  – $12.95